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Counselling, Trauma Therapy & Supervision

Groups can be a very helpful way to meet other people who have gone through similar experiences as yourself. Groups can provide you support from others who understand what you are going through, as they are struggling with similar things. Many of us often feel alone in our pain. Groups can provide that network that may be missing.

At the Beech Practice we aim to run about two therapeutic groups a year, which are led by two experienced therapists/ group workers. The groups will generally have about 4-8 clients and will have 8 meetings. These weekly meetings will be booked in the evening hours, to accommodate people who might be working during the day. We provide both Bereavement Groups and Trauma Groups. The first group meeting is quite low-key and will mainly focus on getting to know one another through different activities. 
For more information about the content of the group sessions, days and times or costs, 
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